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A game for all the family


Challenge your friends and family to a gesture duel with a bunch of crazy actions guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! Jesture is quick to learn and can be played by ages 4 to 104!


Think rock, paper, scissors...

with a twist!




Jesture card


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Think rock, paper, scissors...

with a twist!

How do you play Jesture? Jesture can be played with just two players or more. It's really easy and quick to learn. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end of the game.

The best way to explain it is to show you, so here's a video of our creators enjoying the two-player version of their game!

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All Videos

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Danny, Director of Creativity
Mo, Director of Distribution & Logistics


Meet the

Jesture team

Jojo, Director of Laughter

Jesture is the lockdown brainchild of creators Danny and Jojo, aged 11 and 9. The game-fanatic brothers dreamed up the idea of Jesture on a long lockdown afternoon, and the game made us laugh as we played it together. Being at home so long during lockdown had its advantages, and we worked together for weeks as a family to come up with suggestions, ideas and improvements.

Fast forward three months and our initial print run of 100 copies of Jesture arrived – and sold out within less than two weeks!

Charlotte, Editorial Director

We've tested Jesture with friends and judging by the laughter and requests to play again and again, it's been very well received. The 5-star reviews from our customers keep rolling in!

The boys are sure that anyone who plays Jesture will enjoy it as much as they do, adults and children alike.

Click on the photos to find out more about each of the Jesture creators.

How to play


Don't take our word for it...

Here's what Jesture players say:

"Every home should have Jesture!"

"A really simple game to get the hang of, it can be played at any age (just read the cards out for the small ones). Had a grand time playing with adults only too!"

"I can guarantee this is a really fun game for all ages."

"I'll be ordering more for presents near Christmas! This game is great, had it a few weeks and the children love it!"

"It's brilliant and could be the new Uno!"

"Amazing game created by two amazing boys. It can be played everywhere and anywhere by everyone and anyone. We even play it in the playground at lunchtime!"



Jesture Tin

Jesture is now available in tins! You can buy Jesture for £7.99 (box) or £9.99 (tin) online, and Kent locals can buy the card game at the Tonbridge Pop Up Shop Project. We are heartened at the positive response from everyone who's dropped by and are printing more cards to keep up with demand!

We've had a lot of interest from the local TV and press after the boys began demonstrating and selling Jesture at the Tonbridge Old Fire Station!

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